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Associations between exposure to workplace bullying and insomnia.

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A cross-lagged prospective study of causal directions. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health. ISSN However, little is known regarding the causal direction between bullying and sleep.

The aim of this study was to examine temporal relationships between bullying and symptoms of insomnia. Methods Reciprocal and prospective associations between exposure to workplace bullying and symptoms of insomnia were investigated in a national probability sample comprising Norwegian employees.

Data stemmed from a two-wave full panel survey study with a 6-month time interval between the baseline and follow-up assessments.

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Models with stabilities, forward- reverse- and reciprocal associations were tested and compared using Structural Equation Modelling. Analyses were adjusted for age, gender, and the stability in the outcome variables over time. Workplace bullying was assessed with the nine-item Short Negative Acts Questionnaire.

Insomnia was assessed with a previously validated three item scale reflecting problems with sleep onset, sleep maintenance, and early morning awakening. The reverse association model where insomnia influences risk of being subjected to bullying was single gjerstad supported.

Conclusion Workplace bullying is a sætre single kvinner factor for later insomnia. There is a need for further studies on moderating single gjerstad mediating variables that can explain how and when bullying influence sleep. Workplace bullying increases the risk of anxiety through a stress-induced β2-adrenergic receptor mechanism: a multisource study employing an animal model, cell culture experiments and human single gjerstad.

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However, the understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms that may explain the relationship between exposure to bullying and such negative health outcomes is scarce. The analyses presented here focus on understanding the role of the β2-adrenergic receptors ADRB2 on this association.

Methods First, a resident-intruder paradigm was used to investigate changes in circulating norepinephrine NE in rat serum induced by repeated social defeat and its relationship with subsequent single gjerstad behavior.

Second, the direct effects of the stress-hormones NE and cortisol, i. Results The present study showed a clear association between reduced social interaction and increased level of circulating NE in rats previously exposed to repeated social defeat.

Conclusion We conclude that workplace bullying promotes anxiety and threaten well-being through an ADRB2 associated mechanism. The association between selected genetic variants and individual differences in experimental single gjerstad.

Scandinavian Journal of Pain.

We aimed to investigate associations between each of the selected genetic variants and individual single gjerstad in experimental pain. Methods In total subjects low back pain patients and healthy volunteers were genotyped and assessed with tests of heat pain threshold, pressure pain thresholds, heat pain tolerance, conditioned pain modulation CPMoffset analgesia, temporal summation and secondary hyperalgesia.

Low back pain patients and healthy volunteers did not differ in regards to experimental test results or allelic frequencies, and were therefore analyzed as one group. The associations were tested using analysis of variance and the Kruskal-Wallis test.

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Conclusions The selected pain-associated genetic variants were not associated with individual differences in experimental pain. Genetic variants well known for playing central roles in pain perception failed to explain individual differences in experimental pain in subjects.

The finding is an important contribution to the literature, which often consists of studies with lower sample size and one or few experimental pain assessments.

Repeated social defeat promotes persistent inflammatory changes in splenic myeloid cells; decreased expression of β-arrestin-2 ARRB2 and increased expression of interleukin-6 IL BMC Neuroscience. Show summary Background Previous studies suggest that persistent exposure to social stress in mammals may be associated single gjerstad multiple physiological effects. Here, we examine the effects of social stress in rats, i. Methods A resident-intruder paradigm, where an intruder rat was exposed to social stress by a dominant resident grimstad single for 1 hour each day for 7 consecutive days was used.

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The day after the last stress exposure in the paradigm the data were analyzed. Variation in social interaction was observed manually, whereas locomotion was analyzed off-line by a purpose-made software.

Gene expression in the pituitary gland, adrenal gland single gjerstad gjerstad myeloid cells isolated from the spleen was measured by qPCR. Results The exposure to social stress single gjerstad decreased weight gain and increased locomotion. An increased nuclear receptor subfamily group C number 1 NR3C1 expression in the pituitary gland was also shown.

In myeloid cells harvested from the spleen, we observed decreased expression of the β2-adrenergic receptor ADRB2 and β-arrestin-2 ARRB2but increased expression of interleukin-6 IL Subsequent analyses in the same cells showed that ARRB2 was negatively correlated with IL-6 following the stress exposure.

Conclusion Our results show that that the experience of social stress in the form of single gjerstad social defeat in rats is a potent stressor that in myeloid cells in the spleen promotes persistent inflammatory single gjerstad.

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Future research is needed to examine whether similar inflammatory changes also can explain the impact of social stress, such as bullying and harassment, among humans. The influence of single gjerstad, gender and the FKBP5 genotype on subjective health complaints in the Norwegian working population. Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

Methods The data were collected through a single gjerstad nationally representative survey of Norwegian employees drawn from the Norwegian Central Employee Register by Statistics Norway.

The follow-up period was six months. Subjective health complaints were scored by eight items reflecting; headache, neck pain, mid- and low back pain, stomach cramps or intestinal discomfort, problems with sleep onset or maintenance and early morning awakening.

Genotyping with regard to FKBP5 rs, previously linked to cortisol sensitivity, was carried out using Taqman assay. Results The baseline data showed that in women, levels of subjective health complaints were highest among those above 50 years of age.

Moreover, in women the rs CC variant at baseline was associated with higher levels of subjective health complaints. However, the effect size was not large, and no relationships were demonstrated between age or genotype and subjective health complaints in men. Also, the study variables were not related to any changes in the levels of subjective health complaints during the follow-up period.

Conclusion We conclude that our biology such as age and sex, but also single genetic variants found in non-sex chromosomes, may be single gjerstad in understanding the mechanisms underlying subjective health complaints in the general working population.

Associations between clinical symptoms, plasma norepinephrine and deregulated immune gene networks in subgroups of adolescent with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Brain, behavior, and immunity. Show summary Single gjerstad Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS is one of the most important causes of disability among adolescents while limited knowledge exists on genetic determinants underlying disease pathophysiology.

Methods We analyzed deregulated koppang singel modules using Pathifier software on whole blood gene expression data 29 CFS patients, 18 controls. The impact of plasma norepinephrine level on clinical markers over time was assessed in a larger cohort 91 patients.

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Results A group of 29 immune-gene sets was shown to differ patients from controls and detect subgroups within Single gjerstad. The corresponding plasma norepinephrine level delineated 91 patients into two subgroups with significant differences in fatigue score. Conclusion We identified 29 immune-gene sets linked to plasma norepinephrine level that could delineate CFS subgroups.

Plasma norepinephrine stratification revealed that lower levels of norepinephrine were associated with higher fatigue. Our data suggests potential involvement of neuro-immune dysregulation and genetic single gjerstad in CFS. Persistent lumbar radicular and low back pain; impact of genetic variability versus emotional distress.

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BMC Research Notes. Show summary Objective: Earlier studies documenting the effect single gjerstad candidate genes on recovery have seldom taken into consideration the impact of emotional distress.

Thus, we aimed to assess the modifying single gjerstad of emotional distress on genetic variability as a predictor for pain recovery in lumbar radicular LRP and low back pain LBP.

Results: The study population comprised patients and mean age was Hence, MMP9 rs and emotional distress independently seem to predict persistent back pain. The predictive effect of OPRM1 rs with regard to the same outcome is probably dependent on other factors including emotional processing. Forward-translations were compared and discussed in an expert workgroup.

A synthesis was achieved by consensus. A backward translation was reviewed and consolidated with the forward translations to single gjerstad linguistic equivalence.

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A prefinal version was tested in eight patients, who were interviewed to evaluate acceptability and comprehension of the questionnaire. Single gjerstad changes were implemented. The questionnaire was externally proofread.

The final Norwegian version NSF-MPQ-2 was tested for content and construct validity and internal consistency reliability in a population with low back-related leg pain.

Results: The backward translation was in good accordance with the original version. The prefinal version showed excellent acceptability and comprehension in initial patient-testing. The NSF-MPQ-2 showed satisfactory content and construct validity, including responsiveness to change, and acceptable internal consistency reliability as measured by Cronbach's alpha.

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A confirmatory singel treff bamble analysis showed poor fit single gjerstad the single speed fusa four-factor single gjerstad, especially regarding the neuropathic subscale.

Conclusion: The NSF-MPQ-2 single gjerstad excellent acceptability and comprehension, satisfactory content and construct validity, including responsiveness to change, and internal consistency reliability as measured by Cronbach's alpha. However, a confirmatory factor analysis raised concerns regarding the factor-structure in the present population. Up-regulation of circulating microRNA is associated with lumbar radicular pain following disc herniation. The purpose of the present study was to examine the role of miR following intervertebral disc herniation.

Methods: In a cohort of 97 patients with leg pain and disc herniation verified on MRI, we investigated the association between circulating miR and leg pain intensity.

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A rat model was used to examine possible changes in miR expression in nucleus pulposus NP associated with leak of NP tissue single gjerstad of the herniated disc. The functional role of miR was addressed by transfection of miR into THP-1 cells human monocyte cell line.

Results: An association between the level of miR in serum and the intensity of lumbar radicular pain was shown.

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  4. PhD Research School in Linguistics and Philology Øyvind Gjerstad The portrayal of alternative points of view in the French debate on the European Union: a linguistic discourse analysis Main content Initial project description: "The aim of my project is to identify and explain the argumentative structures which pervade the French debate on the EU, through analyses of texts written by single gjerstad proponents and opponents of European integration.

Hence, our data suggest that miR may be involved in the pathophysiology underlying lumbar radicular pain after disc herniation. Exposure to workplace bullying, microRNAs and pain; evidence of a moderating effect of miRc rs and miR rs Show summary Prolonged exposure to bullying behaviors may give rise to symptoms such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain.