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    General information[ edit ] View of the island of Tomma Nesna was established as a municipality on 1 January see formannskapsdistrikt. The western island district of Nesna population: 1, was separated from Nesna on 1 July to form the new municipality of Dønnes.

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    This left Nesna with 2, residents. On 1 Januarythe Bardalssjøen farm population: 4 was transferred from Hemnes Municipality to Nesna Municipality.

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    Ina small area of southern Nesna population: 26 was transferred to Leirfjord Municipality. During the s, there nesna dating norway many municipal mergers across Norway due to the work of the Schei Committee.

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    On 1 Januarypart of the island of Løkta population: 80 was transferred from Nesna to the new Dønna Municipality and part of the island of Tomma population: 80 was transferred from the old municipality of Dønnes to Nesna Municipality. Then on 1 Januarythe Bardalssjøen area of Nesna, located south of the Ranfjordenwas transferred to Leirfjord Municipality.

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    On that same date, the part of Nesna around the inner part of the Sjona fjord was transferred to Rana Municipality. The name is derived from the word nes which means " headland ".

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    The name was historically spelled Nesne. The arms are a canting of the name of the municipality because they show a yellow-colored "headland" or peninsula surrounded by blue water nes is Norwegian nesna dating norway headland.

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