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History[ edit ] The municipality surrounds the Kvænangen fjord, after which it is named. The population is primarily of Sami origin, although the Kven population constitutes a sizeable minority. Archeological finds indicate nomadic activity in the area going back 10, years.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to the island of Spildra, whether you visit as a tourist, with your company, for a private function or require assistance with accommodation, meals and land or water-based transport.

Single kvænangen the island of Spildra we are the owner of the local shop and pub.


Discover the Northern Lights from September to May, frozen landscape in December and January when the sun are under the horizon. From first of November to late of January the fjord is filled with migration herrings followed by Orcas, Humpback whales and fishermen.

Whatc the scene or dive in to it snorkelling.

Winter with snow activities in the mountains and all types of landscape, skiing or just playing in the white snow. The spring do not come slowly sogndal dating this single kvænangen, it jumps on you with snowmelting and green grass and flowers at the same time.

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Also the time for extraordinary codfishing! Time for the real living.

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No time for sleeping. The sun is shining all day and night.

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It can give us heat up to 30 degrees one day and snow and 4 degrees the next day. Sleep - Accommodation.

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