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Bergen Statistiske programpakker, Legers videre- og etterutdanning, Bergen Medisinsk statistikk, Legers videre- og etterutdanning, Bergen Vitenskapelig artikkel Vis forfatter e Atrial fibrillation and heart failure in seven nursing homes.

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Vis forfatter e Traumatic spinal cord injury and concomitant brain injury: a cohort study. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. Archives of Osteoporosis.

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The impact of social support and sense of coherence on health-related quality of life among nursing home residents-A questionnaire survey in Bergen, Norway. International Journal of Nursing Studies. Occupational exposure and incidence of respiratory single eide in a general population. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health.

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Long-term symptoms in dizzy patients examined in a university clinic. Long-term symptoms in dizzy patients examined in a a university clinic. High rate of fatigue and abdominal symptoms two years after an single eide of giardiasis.

Health-related quality of life among old residents of nursing homes in Norway.

Старый наставник дал ему строго фактический отчет о своей встрече с Хедроном и добавил к нему то немногое, что ему было известно об образе жизни Шута. В той мере, в какой это вообще было возможно в Диаспаре, Хедрон вел уединенную жизнь: никто не знал ни где он обитает, ни каковы его привычки. Последняя по времени single eide, которую он отмочил, была, в сущности, совсем детской проказой, повлекшей за собой полный паралич всего городского транспорта. Было это пятьдесят лет назад, Столетием раньше он пустил гулять по городу какого-то очень уж противного дракона, который слонялся по улицам и жадно пожирал все работы, выставленные модным в тот момент скульптором.

International Journal of Nursing Practice. Ultrasound, atherosclerosis and stroke at a young age: a cross-sectional long-term follow-up in western Norway. European Journal of Neurology.

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Sense of coherence as a resource in relation to health-related quality of life among mentally intact nursing home residents - a questionnaire study.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes.

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Psychometric properties singel treff auli the Vertigo symtom scale - Short form. BioMed Central. Psychometric properties of the Vertigo symptom scale - Short form. Differences in health-related quality of life between older nursing home residents without cognitive impairment and the general population of Norway.

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Clinical data discriminating between adults with positive and negative results on bronchodilator testing. Cardiovascular autonomic function tests in an African population.

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BMC Endocrine Disorders. Risk perception, worry and satisfaction related to genetic counseling for hereditary cancer. Journal of Genetic Counseling.

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Islet cell autoantibodies in African patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in Dar es Salaam Tanzania: a cross sectional study. Journal of Autoimmune Diseases.

Eide Single Eide Er du single og ønsker å møte noen likesinnede fra Eide og omegn? Enten du ser etter single eide partner, leter etter en hyggelig date eller bare ønsker å flørte… Her finner du medlemmer fra Eide gratis. Her kan du møte single fra Eide. På den beste møteplassen venter mange profiler fra Eide på deg! Registrer deg gratis » FilthyBitch17, 18 år, Eide Jeg er en vill jente på bare 18 — jeg leter etter medlemmer fra området rundt Eide som bare er ute etter litt moro akkurat som meg.

Functional characteristics and gene expression profiles of primary acute myeloid leukamia cells indentify patient subgroups that differ susceptibility to histone deactylase inhibitors. International Journal of Oncology.

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Feasible and simple exclusion criteria for pulmonary reference populations. Treatment of single eide cancer: Reduction of local recurrence after the introduction of TME - Experience from one university hospital. Single eide Surgery. The relationship between in-hospital information and patient satisfaction after acute myocardial infarction. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. Post-bronchodilator spirometry reference values in adults and implications for disease management.

Bronchodilator reversibility testing in an adult general population; the importance of smoking and anthropometrical variables on the response to a beta 2 -agonist.

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Better care hemsedal singel immature infants; Has it influenced long-term pulmonary outcome? Acta Paediatrica. A scaled sample space cube used to illustrate attributable fractions.

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Biometrical Journal. The adult incidence of asthma and respiratory symptoms by passive smoking in utero or in childhood. Måling av vekst og vekt: En oversikt over anbefalte teknikker.

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