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Etymology[ edit ] Rogaland is the region's Old Norse name, which was revived in modern times. During Denmark's rule of Norway until the yearthe county was named Stavanger amtafter the large city of Stavanger.

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The first element is the plural genitive case of rygir which is probably referring to the name of an old Germanic tribe see Rugians. The last element is land which means "land" or "region".

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In Old Norse times, the region was called Rygjafylki. The arms are blue with a white or silver pointed cross in the centre.

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The cross is based on the old stone cross in Solathe oldest national monument in Norway. It was erected in memory of Erling Skjalgsson after his death in This type of cross was very common in medieval Norway.

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The vast Boknafjorden is the largest bay, with many fjords branching off from it. Together, this conurbation is ranked above the city Trondheim in population rankings in Norway.

Karmøy has large deposits of copper some from the Visnes mine was used in the construction of the Statue of Liberty.

kvitsøy dating norway

Rogaland is the most important region for oil and gas exploration in Norway, and the Jæren district in Rogaland is one of the country's most important agricultural districts. History[ edit ] There are remains in Rogaland from the earliest times, such as the excavations in a cave at Viste in Randaberg Svarthola.

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These include the find of a skeleton of a boy from the Stone Age. Various archeological finds online dating mosterhamn from the following times, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Many crosses in Irish style have been found. Rogaland was called Rygjafylke in the Viking Age. Before Harald Fairhair and the Battle of Hafrsfjordit was a petty kingdom.

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The Rugians were a tribe possibly connected with Rogaland. Culture and kvitsøy dating norway edit ] A series of festivals and congresses of international fame and profile are arranged, such as The Chamber Music Festival, The Maijazz Festival, The Gladmat lit.

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The ONS is a major international conference and exhibition with focus on oil and gas, and other topics from the petroleum industry. Kvitsøy dating norway this tournament, the downtown is converted into a beach volleyball arena.

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Rogaland is home to many natural wonders, like PrekestolenKjerag and Gloppedalsura. In Stavanger, there is an archeological museum with many artifacts from early history in Rogaland. The Viking Farm is a museum at Karmøy.

kvitsøy dating norway

Main article: Rogaland County Municipality A county fylke is the chief local administrative area in Norway. The whole country is divided into 11 counties.

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A county is also an election area, with popular votes taking place every 4 years. In Rogaland, kvitsøy dating norway government of the county is the Rogaland County Municipality. It includes 47 members who are elected to form a county council Fylkesting.

Heading the Fylkesting is the county mayor fylkesordførar.