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This gives them the advantage compared to other firms to advise strategically on cases, giving clients the confidence that they are in control.

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Their quick response and fieldwork behind the scenes, combined with their efficiency and strategic thinking in meetings and negotiations combined with offensive and structured work in the court really gives exceptional results.

If a claim looks weak, they give advice not to further the cause into that particular claim. If a claim looks valid, they help find and collect the necessary documentation, and in written communication to formulate a pointed and well formulated argumentation.

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Furthermore they investigate each claim under discussion thoroughly, identify weak points, and assist with a strategy for how to go forwards, and how to strengthen the claim. They are adapt at internal mentoring fostering the young and promising.

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His experience and understanding is of great value for us in dispute gullhaug dating norway and lawsuits, as he provides sound legal advice, but at the same time challenges our perspectives and positions to identify weaknesses, and prepare responses to counterarguments. Gets to the core of legal issues quickly and has excellent analytical skills.

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Great in negotiations. He can easily switch between English and Norwegian, making him very valuable for international clients.

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So an excellent partner on your side if you go into a construction dispute. He has contributed as our legal adviser in several negotiation meetings, and has provided timely and sound legal gullhaug dating norway and comments on those instances.

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