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Name[ edit ] The meaning of the name Sør-Varanger comes from the name of the large Varangerfjorden Old Norse : Ver j angr on the northern shore of the municipality.

The first part is ver meaning " fishing village " and the last part is angr which means " fjord ". It was first probably used for the narrow fjord on the inside of Angsnes which now is called "Meskfjorden" and leads into Varangerbotn.

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Sør means "south" in Norwegian. Prior tothe name was spelled Sydvaranger also meaning "South Varanger".

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Beforethere also was a municipality named Nord-Varangerlocated north of the Varangerfjordencovering most of present-day Vadsø municipality. The dating site i sør-varanger inhabitants of the area are the Skolt Sami. This Sami group migrated between coast and inland in present Norwegian, Finnish, and Russian territory long before any borders existed. In the 16th century, they were converted to the Russian Orthodox faith, and still today the chapel of Saint George at Neiden, dating fromis a reminder of eastern influence.

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The Orthodox chapel of Saint George is in Neiden. Inthe previously disputed areas were divided between Norway and Russiacausing great difficulties for the Sami. The Norwegian state also invited Norwegian settlers to come to the area, building Lutheran churches to counterbalance the Orthodox heritage, notably the King Oscar II Chapellocated immediately west of the Russian border.

The historic border crossing station was at Skafferhullet which was replaced with the present day station at Storskog.

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During the 19th century, Finnish settlers Kven arrived to the valleys, and sinceNorwegians came in large numbers because of the iron mining starting up dating site i sør-varanger Kirkenes. Inthe Sydvaranger company opened the Bjørnevatn Mine at Bjørnevatn and four years later the mine was connected to the port in Kirkenes by Kirkenes—Bjørnevatn Linethe world's most northern railway.

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The mine was closed inbut re-opened in In a report to Norway's prime minister in exile, a Norwegian government official embedsmann in Finnmark—Thore Boye—said that Norwegian soldiers had [crop-] cut snauklippet "25 young girls—some of them married" who had been pointed out by local men, as having had relations with German soldiers".

The borders of the municipality have not changed since that time.


The division of the shield symbolizes the importance of the number three: The three main sources of income are agricultureminingand fishing ; the municipality also has three main rivers NeidenPasvikelvaand Jakobselva that form the borders of Norway, Russiaand Finland ; and there are three cultures in the municipality: NorwegiansFinnsand Sami.

Neiden, Sør-Varanger. The river yields a large catch of salmonwhich the Skoltesami here traditionally catch with an unusual technique throwing small nets in the river.

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Sør-Varanger is a vast area of about 3, square kilometres 1, sq misituated between Finland and Russia. Most of the area is low-lying forest of pine and birchwith barren sections facing the Barents Sea. The Varangerfjorden runs along the northern part of the municipality and the Bøkfjorden runs north—south cutting into the municipality and flowing into the Varangerfjorden.


The large island of Skogerøya lies on the west side of the Bøkfjorden. Skogerøytoppen is the tallest mountain on Skogerøya.

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The Bøkfjord Lighthouse lies along the mouth of the Bøkfjorden. The municipal centre of Sør-Varanger is the town of Kirkenes, located on a peninsula in the Bøkfjorden.

  • The village is situated some km north of the Arctic Circle, with nearly inhabitants.
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Other settlements include Bugøynes, Neiden, and little hamlets along the river of Pasvikelva. The local airport is called Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen which is also a military camp.

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