Helleren and Jøssingfjord - Architecture in Hauge i Dalane, Sokndal - Fjord Norway

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Visit Website About Perhaps you have driven past these, or seen a picture of these little two houses under Helleren in Jøssingfjord. If you drive along the North Sea Route, you can see them from the Rv 44 somewhere in between Egersund and Flekkefjord.

Helleren and Jøssingfjord

Surrounded by all the tones of grey in the colour scale In a world of nuances of grey lie the two small houses in this particular, extraordinary light: Jøssingfjord and Helleren are surrounded by all the tones of grey in the colour scale. Helleren - "Hedlaren" - forms a natural roof and shelter that have been taken advantage of by people for thousands of years.

Helleren is large - the drop fall measures at its deepest 10 metres.

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The two houses do not have roof thatching - simply because they are protected by Helleren - and this is also the reason why these two houses and this landscape provide a unique and special experience.

Both houses date back from dating i sokndal s, however large parts of the buildings might be considerably older. Most probably, there has been settlements under Helleren from the s. Dalane Folkemuseum is today the owner and responsible caretaker of the houses. Be careful and sustainable Everyone is dating i sokndal to visit Helleren.

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The houses dating i sokndal not dimentioned however to handle large visitor numbers. It is however, desirable that they stay open to the public, and it is therefore adviced that you as a visitor, take special care when visiting.

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In its dramatic modesty, the houses under Helleren is one of the greatest cultural memories that with its genuinness tells more about ourselves, our history and identity dating i sokndal anything else. The Jøssingfjord This fjord is especially known for the Altmark affair that took place here on 16 February The Altmark affair is the event where the German military support ship was boarded by British marine vessels, and British marines where released.

The Altmark event was used as an argument by the Germans to attack and occupy Norway, as they then felt that Norway's neutrality was then compromised after this event.

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During the Second World War, the name "jøssing" was used to describe anti nazistic Norwegians; with background in the Altmark affair. The Jøssingfjord is also port of shipment for the business Titania AS that run a mining and cleansing facililty for titanium ore.

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  • Helleren and Jøssingfjord - Architecture in Hauge i Dalane, Sokndal - Fjord Norway

The fjord is single brumunddal surrounded by steep mountain walls, and ends in a large stone scree. Facilities at Helleren Parking on the other side of the river. Five minutes walk to the houses.

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During summer season, there is access to toilet and a kiosk with simple refreshments. Speak your mind You can tell us how you feel we should best maintain the houses for the present and for the future.


There is a guest book in the blue house where you can tell us what's on your mind. Please, do use it!

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Opening times The houses at Helleren are always open. Accessibility Helleren is located at Jøssinfjord in Sokndal municipality. The houses are just by the Rv. Exit from Fv.

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